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Indian Brands Famous in the World

Indian brands that deserve to be world famous. How well do you know these heritage gems? They have been recognised by a GI tag which makes them brands in their own right. World famous brands owned by their local community.

Brand Quiz: Indian Companies Launched Before Independence

 Desi Survivor Brands These are brands that have stood the test of time. Founded before 1947 they have done multiple pivots to survive. ...

Recession Brand History Quiz

Consider this brand history Quiz a guided tour that helps you understand how these famous brands survived and thrived in a recession. You'll test your brand history and learn some great ideas for yourself too!

Desi Ads at Cannes – Quiz

Cannes Lions, the festival where the $580 billion media industry goes to do business. This year Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is taking place...

Why Did The Marketer Hire An Ophthalmologist?