What according to you makes a brand `hot’?

Consumers are the ones that make the brand hot & cool both !  And that happens when a brand becomes part of their lifestyle.


A `hot’ brand within few hours can become `not so hot’…case in point being nestle’s maggi. What are your tips for brand owners to help them keep their brand hot?

We are because of what our consumers have made us, it’s a tight rope and a huge ask, as long as we keep delivering, we are in a good place if not then it’s a dead end. it’s takes years to create a position in customers mind space & a minute to get rejected..that happens purely on building a huge trust factor for your brand. Sp we can’t defy the trust of a consumer & can’t afford take consumers for granted.


In case when a hot brand is mired in a controversy, what is your suggestion for brand owners to cope with such a situation- lie low or take the bull by its horns? 

There is no this way or that way here, one has to gauge the situation and act accordingly. But one shouldn’t shy away from the situation. Error does occur, one needs  to face it upfront with a clear action plan to solution. Be rest assured the same consumer will accept you back over a period of time..  but not without due diligence .


What makes Bangalore a unique brand?

Bangalore is a ‘COOL’ place to be, cool might be a clichéd word but it best describes Bangalore. Music lovers, food lovers, pub hoppers, artists or for education, Bangalore has something for everyone.

And most importantly what makes Bangalore is its people they are the nicest – if you can’t manage Kannada, then Hindi, can’t speak Hindi then English, now that’s cool! And how can one miss Bangalore’s weather. The real cool one !!  one of biggest attraction the city has for outsiders J



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