GlaxoSmithKline’s Sensodyne, India’s No.1 dentist recommended sensitive toothpaste brand, is all set to start ‘Wake Up to Tooth Sensitivity’ to democratize the problem of tooth sensitivity in India by educating people and inspiring them to shake inertia and lead a life of no compromise.

In India, 35% of individuals aged 15-60 years suffer from sensitivity. However many sufferers do not take any active remedial action. They either live with the problem, or have devised strategies to cope with it. Sensodyne through ‘Wake Up to Tooth Sensitivity’ campaign endeavours to change this behaviour by educating people through its extensive consumer awareness initiative.

“Since its launch in 2011, Sensodyne has always endeavoured to educate consumers on tooth sensitivity and today we are the category leaders in the sensitive toothpaste segment. However, inspite of high awareness, many sufferers still ignore the problem. Sensodyne believes in creating a world where every life is sensitivity free. It educates consumers by using real dentists in advertising campaigns. Through the Wake up To Tooth Sensitivity campaign, we wish to inspire people to take action; switch to de-sensitising toothpaste and make a difference to their lives,” says, Mr. Prashant Pandey, Marketing Director, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.

 The sensitivity awareness index in India has moved from 17% in 2010 to almost 35% in 2014, which can be attributed to Sensodyne’s constant efforts at raising awareness about the condition among the consumers. Around 55% sufferers identify the problem of ‘tooth sensitivity’ through conversations with friends and family. Hence, conversations or word of mouth play the strongest role in influencing sufferers to change to de-sensitizing toothpaste.

Wake Up to Tooth Sensitivity aims to strengthen awareness about tooth sensitivity and empower sufferers self- diagnose the condition through a simple questionnaire. Adopting a holistic approach, the campaign will comprise of distinct streams including, consumer engagement, retail initiative and digital awareness campaign.

 As part of the consumer engagement initiative, there will be extensive on-ground activations consisting of sampling in Shatabdi trains, corporate houses and door – to – door detailing. The campaign will run across various media channels such as Print, TV and New media to popularize the Sensitometer test and facts on tooth sensitivity.

The retail initiatives will take place in leading modern trade and self service outlets to spread the message of the campaign. Direct interaction with the consumer in-store will help customers identify the problem of tooth sensitivity, urging them to take a sample home.

Upping the ante on its awareness drive, the WUTS digital campaign will strengthen its outreach to the customers with an extensive digital awareness drive. Stories of Sensodyne’s real consumers are being used to encourage others to ‘Wake Up to Tooth Sensitivity’ under the umbrella #WhyMissOut. The digital campaign will lead the user to the online version of the Sensitometer test ending with an option to ask for a sample on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Website, Mobile and many more. The aim is to help people to realise they don’t have to miss out on their favourite food / drinks due to tooth sensitivity.

The campaign will also unfold on radio across various cities, by using RJs to educate people on the condition. They will also ask people to share their stories on air so that others can get inspired and take action.

This year, the campaign will reach out to more than 2 crore people, to educate them and encourage self-diagnose of tooth sensitivity and provide them with a simple solution to tackle the condition.

 Since the launch of Sensodyne in 2010, it is India’s No.1 dentist recommended sensitive toothpaste brand, according to a survey by TNS, a leading market research firm. Sensodyne is the leader in the sensitive toothpaste market and helped in expanding the category. Sensodyne has strengthened its leadership in the category with a market share 33% of the sensitive toothpaste market in 2015.  (Ytd Apr 15).



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