Nathasha AR Kumar
Founder & Creative Director

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A female entrepreneur you admire and why?

Difficult to select one, every women entrepreneurs story is so inspiring but if I have to select one that would be of a lady I met in china by the name of HUNG JEI coming from a village in southern china to making her way thru dishwasher job to creating a multimillion dollar empire and adopting two villages. Her down to earth personality and zeal to make a difference is the key to her success. Her story inspired me to my core.
Simple stories like these should be narrated often, not falling a victim to her situation but standing up and taking charge of the situation.

Mantra for success is?

Five Very simple steps that’s working for me
1. Have a To Do List
2. Make a Vision board
3. Make others feel important
4. Always believe in win-win situations
5. Be Crazy about your ideas!

Being your own boss is to you?

Being my own is having time and risk taking ability to create successful businesses. P.S its not easy but its all worth it!


Hong-Kong return Nathasha started her entrepreneurial journey the age of 17. Her first venture went on to do 50CR of business in first year with 5 Years plus experience in B2B Garment industry to currently working on a Hot New Startup A B2C Online Retail Fashion and Lifestyle brand VAJOR.COM. An Animal lover and a Workaholic Nathasha believe in turning ideas into sustainable and successful business.


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