Mansi Reddy
Ox And Tomato

Quick chat with Mansi Reddy, Member of DWENIndia

A female entrepreneur you admire and why?

I admire Richa Kar, Founder and CEO of Zivame. When the site started, it was the first online lingerie store in India that allows you to see and shop varied products at leisure. From its inception to now, the business has grown rapidly and what I love about her vision the most is that it deals with a product that every woman uses. She made it comfortable for people to shop such garments in the privacy of their homes.

Mantra for success is … 

Hardwork, dedication and perseverance! There are definitely no shortcuts.

Being your own boss is to you? 

A lot of responsibility and a sense of satisfaction when you achieve something that was once just a dream!

Your DWEN experience and how would you sum it?

It was amazing meeting so many women who are excelling in varied businesses. It was inspiring to learn from their experiences.


Mansi Reddy is born and raised in Chennai. Did her schooling from Good Shepherd and a B.Com course from Stella Maris. Entered into the hospitality business at the young age of 21! However, with a desire to constantly innovate she started Ox and Tomato a neighborhood artisanal pizzeria. They have two branches in Chennai with one more opening soon. She also manages her husband Sandesh Reddy’s business Sandys. She love’s to experiment and find happiness in ensuring customers have a great experience.



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