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Here’s a quick chat with Anuradha Goyal of IndiaTales and a member of DWEN India

 A female entrepreneur you admire and why?

I really admire Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – she is a first generation entrepreneur who created a whole new industry in India. I do not agree with her all the time, but I really admire the fact that she voices her opinion on issues important to our times. She participates in Bangalore welfare work which I hope inspires other leaders. Despite being a rich & famous, she remains grounded and accessible.

Mantra for success is?

Just follow your heart and success is directly proportional to hard work most of the times.

Being your own boss is to you?

It means being a peon to CEO of the business. It means I have to be humble and smart at the same time. It means I have to spend time in isolation working and then network at the same time. It means I have to take responsibility of everything I do and answer every question that is hurled at me.


Anuradha Goyal is the author of ‘The Mouse Charmers – Digital Pioneers of India’ and a travel blogger for over a decade. Her blog IndiTales covers Indian & International tourism destinations with focus on walking tours, art history, culture, heritage and nature trails. In her earlier Avatar, she has worked in IT industry for 12+ years. It has been more than 7 years that she has given up formal employment and now do consulting in Business Innovation.

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