Anisha Parikh

Quick chat with Anisha Parikh, Member of Dwenindia

A female entrepreneur you admire and why?

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – for being one of the most successful indian entrepreneurs of our time. She started a business in a relatively unknown sector, overcame a number of obstacles and persevered to make Biocon one of the most well known entrepreneurial stories in India. She has been named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world.

Mantra for success is? 

Perseverance, passion, a positive attitude and patience.

Being your own boss is to you? 

Ownership, responsibility, unlimited growth potential and freedom to make your own decisions.


Anisha Parikh is the co-founder of – an online portal which helps women with their careers.Through this platform, women can browse jobs, explore companies, connect to mentors, access career resources and attend offline events. Koffeeplace believes every woman is talented and wants to empower women to build and sustain successful careers!

Prior to Koffeeplace, Anisha had started a gifting business and a jewellery business.



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