Anasuya Gupta

Chairperson and Managing Director


Quick chat with Anasuya Gupta, a member of DWENIndia

Q. A female entrepreneur you admire and why?

A. There is no one female entrepreneur but the five ladies who started Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is a story which inspires me. This co-operative is an example of true entrepreneurship. They had a great idea, started with Rs. 80 and engulfed other women and gave earning opportunities to thousands of women, operating from home. This model which opens doors for women, empowers them and allows for upliftment for society is just simply amazing.

Q. Mantra for success is?

A. I am not sure that I could call this a success – but yes I feel discipline and working single mindedly towards a goal without meandering, come what may has helped me. For this I have had to accept a lot of discomfort, roadblocks but I think I managed to keep the focus.

Q. Being your own boss means…

A.  Being my own boss means a lot of responsibility. While it is empowering it also means no letting up. The buck finally stops at your doorstep and it’s imperative that each decision is thought through and implemented on time to ensure that other lives dependent on you are smooth. Moreover it is also an opportunity to do something for the less privileged in society which is a responsibility that we must take very seriously.

Q. Your DWEN experience and how would you sum it?

 A.  DWEN experience has been inspiring. It opened a window to the world of women entrepreneurs, their stories, their trials and tribulations, their successes. In all, a great learning experience and sharing which has helped me to scale up.


Mrs. Anasuya Gupta is the Chairperson & Managing Director of CICO Technologies Limited. She did her schooling from Loreto House, Calcutta and graduation with honours from St. Xavier’s College and also completed B.Ed. from Loreto College, both from the University of Kolkata.  She joined the organization as a Board Member, at the time of its incorporation but was actively involved in the management only a few years ago.


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