I was having a conversation with a trainer on evaluation, appraisals, Bell Curve, 360 degree feedback and interestingly came up with these Three Vital words which neatly forms the word “PIE”. If I elaborate it stands for Performance, Image and Exposure.

Performance – In today’s scenario, this is one of the key measurement areas. Being a performer is a necessity and a must have trait. There is no compromise on non-performance. The expectation bar is continuously raised and you as an individual need to meet those otherwise you will fall back. Remember there are performers like you everywhere. The concept of new hire has changed dramatically. There is no grace period. Start performing from Day 1 or perish.

Image – Good Question – Why is this important? I may be a good performer however the promotion or the best rating somehow might elude you. Has that happened to you? If yes, then you are a victim of not having the “right” image in front of your colleagues. In today’s context where feedbacks are taken from every relevant person, you have to ensure that you get the image quotient right. How do you work and develop your image – be a team player, take initiatives, stretch that extra mile and go above and beyond your duties. Be Consistent and Original. And always remember to be authentic in your words and action.

Exposure – It is very critical in your role that you get the right exposure for the work which you do. If you can showcase your strengths by doing a cross – functional or a cross – geo project the higher the chances of your exposure to the big bosses/evaluators for them to recognize you for the next level of your career. Even in your current role, build the right exposure by communicating the good work that you do. Be pro-active and try to lead or be in a high visible project. All these would contribute in getting you the right exposure within and outside your organization.

What is important is that all the above points are mutually inclusive. You have to work on all the three parameters to take your career to the next level. It is seldom that you will do well if you miss out on any one element. In retrospect, start analyzing your strengths and build on the Image and Exposure components.

As a foodie the definition of Pie is a baked dish of fruit, or meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry. And yes, it is tasty and yummy J

Trust me, focus on the PIE and you will enjoy it.

This article is republished with permission. Courtesy : Sanjeet Sen

Image courtesy : google


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