India’s first ever community of senior executives to debate the Future of Sales was launched by Paul Writer. The Think Tank is sponsored by SAP, and the objective is to drive conversations around topical areas such as:

-The individual as a social collective
-Orchestrating the sales process for the mobile first customer
-Customer-centric sales automation
-The future of sales

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The Think Tank will have 25 members from India’s top sales and business executives and elicit their insights through a process that involves personal interviews, research and informal discussions.

Rajesh Kumar, Head of Marketing, Indian Subcontinent, SAP says, “Increased availability of information has transformed the historical information dissemination led approach of ‘selling to customers’ to ‘helping customers buy’ in a personalized and solutioning approach. The Think Tank will contribute to understanding the changes taking place in the Indian context and how businesses are adapting to the customer expectations in the new era.”

Jessie Paul, CEO of Paul Writer, adds, “Sales is rapidly evolving to deal with a data-hungry, time-poor consumer. Increasingly sales is an integral part of the overall customer experience and needs to have a seamless handoff. Through the Think Tank we hope to develop a set of best practices.”

About Paul Writer:

Paul Writer’s vision is to be the go-to destination for senior executives seeking best practices and trends in marketing by providing a community platform for peer to peer learning, conferences for networking, thought leadership and marketing services. Towards achieving these goals Paul Writer offers Marketing Advisory Services, Custom Publishing, Marketing Booster (weekly e-newsletter and bi-monthly print publication), Conferences & RoundTables. Paul Writer was founded in 2010 by Jessie Paul, author of No Money Marketing (2009, Tata McGraw-Hill) and former CMO of Wipro who has also held senior marketing positions in Infosys and iGATE.


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