Global communications consultancy firm Maxus has been appointed the media mandate for Paper Boat (Hector Beverages). This win comes after a multi-agency pitch by the Maxus Bangalore team headed by Sanchayeeta Verma.

Hector Beverages has shaken the market with their traditional Indian drinks that are high on flavor and nutrition like Jal Jeera, Aam Panna, Kaanji etc. With a vision to cover more than 50 cities in the current year, the brand looks to expand in a logical yet robust fashion.

Commenting on the win, Sanchayeeta Verma, South Head, Maxus said, “We are extremely delighted to have Paper Boat with us. Our vision is two fold – one to make the drink extremely popular and increase their visibility. The second would be to communicate their brand proposition of ‘memories’ through an effective media mix and creative strategies. Our approach will be both strategic and tactical for meeting our goals!”

 Commenting on the occasion, Parvesh Debuka, Marketing Head, Paper Boat, “’My love affair with Maxus began some time ago. I was bowled over by their charm (and the data analytics). I think it will be lots of fun working together.” 


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