Imagine the European style high street furniture that to at an affordable price will soon became the reality in the Indian furniture market, with the launch of the website This online store offers the latest collection of high street fashion furniture from different parts of Europe and makes a unique endeavor of combining exclusive craftsmanship with comfort and warmth. The exciting fact is that in comparison to other high label furniture line this furniture line is unbelievably reasonable.
The best creative designing representation that is visible in the global and European high street furniture displays in France, Germany, Italy and others, could now be owned by buyers in the Indian market. Curtis and Hayes aim is to provide all these incredible expensive furniture by the big brand high street designers at rock bottom price. The reason behind the lower price rate is due to the lack the payment for the middlemen involved, the cost incurred in retaining a physical storeroom and staffs and also does not involves the cut of the retailer. Therefore one just needs to pay for the design and production of the product and nothing else. Not only one is given the opportunity to purchase original designed furniture by the talented  furniture designers whose creation has been admired by world, within their budget but also the style and breathtaking furniture of superior quality. Plus another distinctiveness of this online furniture store is its agility, the creation of the passionate designers which they introduce along with the top expensive high street brands and designers will be in Curtis and Hayes website within the span of 60 days, which you can order for enhancing the beauty of your home.The CEO and the Founder of the company, Mr. Amit Kumar says“Curtis & Hayes make sure that our design series are not just for sitting, but can enhance your home’s style through a sense of coziness, elegance or even sleek, modern vibes.”  This is the reason the furniture designs are not only alluring but are the epitome of conglomeration of best quality raw materials. As the affordable price does not indicate that the quality is being compromised. The finest quality of wood such as solid wood, walnut and beach wood are used along with the superior quality of fabrics.

As Mr. Amit Kumar states, “We understand that choosing the perfect couch for your home can be quite a task so we initiate a process to make it most simple for you”. This aspect will be evident in the easy usage of the upcoming website. The shopper will experience a smooth surfing of the website as it is precisely categorizes into different product classifications like sofa sets, chairs & ottomans, Tables, Entertainment Units, Lighting and Art, many more categories will be added in different quarters. As the management mention, “the enterprise plans to gradually include other variants of home and office décor too”. The website will also facilitate complete description about products and opportunity to the purchaser and viewers to review the products. Plus, the shopping process is made simpler with one page checkout that enables an appropriate payment process.

One of the most common worries of a furniture buyer is the assembling of the purchased furniture. Curtis and Hayes take care of this problem too on behalf of their customers. There is no worry of the assembling process as most design will be delivered assembled and those products which necessitate to be assembled after delivery, will come along with a guide very easy & few steps installation guide.

So, visit the website and catch your style, to make your home décor a talk of the town!


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