India garnered nearly 55% of global IT services market, however, changing market dynamics impose on the large software developer base, to improve their capabilities to continue to be relevant. Innovations using cutting-edge technologies will bring about the next wave of disruptions. When one disruptive technology fuels another, the possibilities are endless. As an organization, NxtGen is keen to foster the next wave of disruptions and contributing to “Skill India” initiatives of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. We are offering Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology access free of any charges to the developer community at large. The NxtGen DevCloud will allow large number of developers to build, test & hone their application ideas without investing, building and managing cutting edge technologies. The DevCloud is a combination of high-end infrastructure, tools & frameworks, code libraries and other useful information, that can be used to concert ideas into use cases for businesses, governments and people.

“True to our brand ‘NxtGen’, the focus of DevCloud would be on ensuring that the technology is upcoming (near future) rather that what is commercially available. This is a critical input to the developer community for ensuring differentiation for the application ideas and be relevant in the international markets for idea to be commercialized. We have a lot more to share and we will learn along with the developer community to leverage these new technologies. This is our contribution to India, which enabled us to build a successful venture in a relatively short span of 5 years,” A S Rajgopal, MD & CEO, NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies.

Machine Learning (ML) gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed, explores building algorithms that can learn from data make predictions or take decisions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applied when machines must mimic cognitive functions that humans associate with. The central goals of AI include reasoning, knowledge, planning, natural language processing, perception etc. Globally in 2016, companies have invested over $30B in these technologies, led by High Tech, Automotive and Financial Services industries. While the adoption is low, there is a big opportunity for these technologies in Healthcare and Education.

Currently, NxtGen will provide these resources and will be limited to 200 developer groups after basic screening and mentoring the idea for its use-case to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence. We will also create opportunities for successful applications to be showcased to our customer base in India, including the Government.


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