Existing before industrialization, call centers or any chip,

In vogue again, is the art of – entrepreneurship!

Some traits have separated winners from the rest,

Trouncing difficulties, heralded as the best!

But few people will share what really matters,

What really helps, what ends up in tatters;

Shun all hubris, pre-conceived notions, and scorn,

Only then, the crown of success, will your head adorn!

Instead of making multi-year business plans grand,

Start small, test markets & build an experiential brand;

Drawing from early experience, determine your steps next,

Towards your objectives, toil away, keep way from rest!

Focus on multiple revenue streams, not investor funding,

That’s how you’ll actually increase your standing!

Question the status quo, do it differently than before,

And if it becomes a hit, be a part of the start-up lore!

If external funds aren’t forthcoming, despair not,

Stay true to the chosen course, waver not;

Cut your needless expenses and fluffy drinks,

Slog and ignore what your neighbour thinks!

It’s always the one who best serves the customer,

Becomes popular & emerges the winner;

If your offers are needed and charges, fair,

Tis only a matter of time till you get there!

So ignore the rest & focus on customers’ need,

To a few inconveniences, pay little heed;

Avoid narcissism, and of course, your greed;

That’s what it really takes to succeed!

To fence-sitters, I have but words eight,

Try it out before it is too late!

And if you can’t figure where to start,

Silence your mind & listen to your heart!

~ Chandrashekhar Bhide

Published with permission from here.

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