Customer experience (CE) is the new imperative. However, among the top concerns companies have regarding CE are cost and delayed return on investment. The good news is that there are short-term actions you can take now and see benefits in the near term. Show, do not tell, your employees and executive sponsors the art of the possible with these quick CE wins:

Kill a stupid rule. Getting rid of one or more offending rules can quickly, cost-efficiently and immeasurably increase satisfaction.

Make a connection. Nothing creates an emotional bond like a personal connection. Training employees to interact with customers in a personal way adds to the customer experience.

Monitor online sentiment—and respond. Customers are talking on the Web, and you need to know what they are saying. Employ a platform, tool or service that enables you to monitor and analyze the reams of unstructured data on the Internet and in social media.

Think “community”. In many industries, online forums have sprung up around a particular company or product. Companies can strengthen their CE and gain quick insights by monitoring these forums and slowly entering the conversation.

Source passion internally. The best customer experience experts are within your own organization. There is no need to turn to an army of experts.

Venture outside your industry. Instead of benchmarking your performance against competitors, look outside your industry to CE success stories and immediately benefit from those insights.

Conduct transactional surveys. These surveys can help solicit individual complaints, thereby providing you with an opportunity to make amends.

Do not reinvent the wheel. When it comes to the Web, social media and mobile technologies, it is better to go where customers already are rather than create a new site for them to visit or a new interface for them to learn.

Leverage analytics and reporting tools. A quick way to gain a strong lead in CE is to use analytics and reporting tools against data you already have. 

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