Brand Summit Jury: Abhijit Bhaduri
Brand Summit Jury: Abhijit Bhaduri

1.What according to you makes a brand `hot’?
The step by step approach to becoming a ‘hot’ brand:

  1. Hot brands understand their customers better by knowing WHY the customers want what they want.
  2. They deliver the promise by creating a conversation-creating experience.
  3. The brand continuously rethinks the business value being offered (tech helps immensely) and that in turn opens up the next business opportunity. 
2. A `hot’ brand within few hours can become `not so hot’. What are your tips for brand owners to help them keep their brand hot?
Keep your brand ‘hot’ by
  1. Listening continuously to feedback – especially from the unhappy customers. Think of that as an opportunity to improve the brand promise
  2. Be authentic – if you make a mistake, acknowledge it and pull out all stops to fix it
  3. Be courageous – do what is good for the consumer
3. Technological boom is the talk of the town. More and more brands are investing in automation tools, AI and content marketing to name a few. How do you think technology can keep a brand hot?
Technology is a great enabler. It lets the brand connect with an individual customer. That enables the brand to scale up. Tech works well when the brand keeps the customer at the centre and then uses tech strategically with human ingenuity.
Described by Forbes as “one of the most interesting globalists” and voted among the top ten learning professionals in the world. Abhijit Bhaduri is the founder of Abhijit Bhaduri & Associates as well as the author of books like “Digital Tsunami” and “Don’t Hire the Best”. Prior to this Bhaduri was the Chief Learning Officer at Wipro. Currently, he resides on the advisory board of EdCast & MICA and has been Keynote speaker for TEDx; INK Talks; Lift Conference in Geneva; NASSCOM; CII; SHRM; Tech HR etc. An avid blogger, his pieces have been featured on Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal; Economic
Times; Business Line; Times of India, People Matters etc. LinkedIn voted him as a must know writer. More than half a million followers on LinkedIn and Twitter follow his short form articles and sketches.
He is an alumnus of Sri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi and XLRI, Jamshedpur.


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