What according to you makes a brand `hot’?

A brand which can connect with its customer not just functionally but emotionally; intangible reasons becomes HOT brand for those consumers. For Hypercity, we are just not a hypermarket or grocery shopping destination, but overall experience that the consumer enjoys because of range, sampling, engagement activations etc which is the reason for stickiness and delight.


Ways in which you connect with the new age customers?
Whilst digital presence both to drive ecomm and also social media engagement are newer mediums to connect with new age consumers who consumes real time on social channels. We also have our loyalty app, beacons, and data analytics to understand customer demand and provide them with promotions and offers.


Has the Indian consumer changed the way they consume?
Absolutely. Indian consumer who wanted to touch and feel fruits and vegetable, staples, fashion, footwear is today buying it online which is . Are influenced by their social tg’s of friends and family and also are strong influencers.


What makes Mumbai a unique brand?
Being the headquarters for most of financial, retail and fmcg brands it makes Mumbai unique brand and also given that the consumer is more cosmopolitan and ready for new ways of consumption makes it a more exciting market for any brand.


Darshana Shah is Sr.Vice President – Marketing and Visual Merchandising, Hypercity Retail.

She is also a speaker at Mumbai Brand Summit & Hot 50 Brands 2015.


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