The biggest areas for improvement – as cited by speakers in other sessions – are Education, Healthcare and Urbanisation. Clearly, as citizens, we would like the government to do more in these areas.  But as marketers, we must also realise that these are areas of opportunity.  There is a need and people are seeking solutions to this need.

Top of my head here are some firms already operating in these spaces.  All funded.  All looking quite perky at present.

Table 1

Another factoid that pops out is ‘made in India’ brands don’t make the cut in any ‘global brands’ list.    That’s ok because we have a massive domestic market and firms haven’t felt the need to go global. Yet.  But from a brand perspective, how does a ‘made in India’ brand compete with the MNCs and their top-notch marketing strategies and brand value? Use Indian heritage and values, of course.  The one thing that they will find it difficult to copy.

Examples are Yoga, Ayurveda, herbal cures, Indian design, Indian cuisine.  While Patanjali is certainly the front-runner in this type of branding, there are others – Himalaya Drugs, Biotique, Shahnaz Hussain, Good Earth, FabIndia, India Circus, ITC Foods..

An absolute winner of an idea would be something that can be plotted into the table below:

Table 2

Welcome to India!


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