In a brutally competitive business environment, one must come out with all guns blazing. Simply put, you cannot be assured of good returns just because you have a superb product or service. Marketing helps, but in the deluge of traditional marketing activities, how do you get yourself heard? It is time to look beyond annual plans & reports and address the big picture. Thought leadership marketing, if executed well, can be the answer to these questions by proving to be an unparalleled competitive differentiator.

Thought Starters conducted an online survey to understand the state of thought leadership marketing function. The intention of the survey was not only to check if organizations recognize the need for thought leadership marketing function, but how they managed this particular function, who the key stakeholders are, and what the chief drivers are. The survey, in combination with known statistics about this function, revealed several noteworthy insights.

Most organizations recognize the challenge of differentiating themselves successfully in a crowded marketplace since a whopping 82% of marketers intend to increase their focus on content and thought leadership marketing. Interestingly, most organizations are still managing this vital function in-house, even though only 5% of B2B buyers believe that marketers are showcasing their thought leadership effectively. This finding points at the large gap in understanding and fulfilling the requirements of the thought leadership function. 


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