There’s a famous song from the teen movie series ‘High School Musical’ titled ‘We’re all in this together.’ LinkedIn’s new campaign #InItTogether, it would seem, was inspired by this song.

LinkedIn, a platform primarily for networking between professionals has various features that allow you to develop your portfolio. From being able to give and receive recommendations and skill endorsements to finding jobs or contacts. Although their ad campaign #InItTogether was one of many released during the IPL season, it does not seem to have an IPL angle. Could this be a loss of an opportunity that could have greatly increased their visibility?

Nevertheless, the 60-second long ad is clear in its branding. By showing professionals from different fields it makes a definitive statement. LinkedIn isn’t just a platform for corporate jobs but creative ones as well. From musicians and photographers to engineers and teachers, LinkedIn promises a space for all professions. However, in this ad, LinkedIn seems to also be establishing personal ties with their statement ‘we’re in it together.’

Unlike some of their previous ads that focus solely on the opportunities you can gain from having your profile and portfolio on LinkedIn, LinkedIn’s #InItTogether campaign seems to focus on creating a brand image that portrays a joint partnership between the user and LinkedIn. By doing so, they have shown their investment in their users’ careers and hence added a personalized touch to their marketing strategies.

Considering the ripple effect that Cambridge Analytica has caused, LinkedIn’s ad that focuses on the relationship between their users and their statement that LinkedIn basically works as a support system for the advancement of your career seems timely.

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