Cheil India’s (Cheil Worldwide SW Asia HQ) new television commercial for Samsung’s Joy PLUS TV changes the positioning for a television. Where other brands have concentrated on just viewing and picture aspects, this demonstrates how the consumer can actually benefit from a TV that offers them with the advantage of capturing both screen and sound. The bringing alive of this user benefit illustration takes TV viewing to a completely different level.  The TVC went on air on March 29, 2014.

The idea behind the campaign was in keeping with Samsung’s legacy as an innovator and leader in the category.  This was critical as the entry level LED TV market is flooded with alike offerings with all of them playing on picture quality as the key benefit. Samsung as a brand believes in being a differentiator and this has been always visible in its unique consumer offerings.

When the Samsung Joy TV was launched in 2013, it came with features such as Ultra Pix (Best in class Picture quality) along with unique value added benefits including USB to USB transfer and Triple Protection Warranty. This year, Samsung upped the quotient in the Joy PLUS- a TV that goes beyond being just a TV that is normally only about watching content. The Samsung Joy PLUS TV comes with added features of Screen Capture and Sound Capture, allowing the consumer to save and store both Picture and Audio content for later viewing or use. These unique offerings make the Samsung Joy PLUS TV “Much More than just a TV”.

The central idea of the TVC for the Samsung Joy PLUS TV was built around the thought Like It? Keep It! The unique Screen Capture and Sound Capture features and benefits are ably demonstrated through engaging father-daughter stories. One storyline shows how a zebra is captured whilst being chased by predators in a wildlife programme, for the daughter in need of an image of a zebra for her school project. In another one, we see an endearing moment when the two of them dance to some foot-tapping music that has been captured from a dance sequence of a popular movie that has been playing on the television. The Screen Capture and Sound Capture experiences showcased undeniably take television viewing to new high and making it a companion where one can save and share and be “More than just a TV”.

Commenting on the campaign, Nima DT Namchu, Chief Creative Officer, Cheil Worldwide SW Asia, said: “With Like it? Keep it!, we have been able to communicate the product feature and benefit very effectively without losing out on the intrigue and entertainment quotient. Besides balancing the product demo with engaging storytelling, sourcing just the right footage of the animals from different sources and making it all look like one seamless sequence (within a tight deadline) was quite a challenge. But our creative team and Razy came through.”

Said Kundan Joshee, Head Integrated Services, Cheil Worldwide, SW Asia: “Samsung leads the category by innovation and consumers look up to a novel offering in every new launch. In Joy Plus, the product has the amazing never seen before features of Screen and Sound Capture and the task was to bring them alive in a memorable, clutter breaking execution.”


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