Gauge ebook Key Marketing Trends that will Shape the Technology Sector in 2019

2018 has been often called the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI will be pervasive in every product, system, and solution. The marketing function within the technology industry also saw a lot of advancements, besides AI. According to a recent article in Forbes, marketing contributes 50 percent of all enterprise value, and the responsibilities of a CMO extend beyond the traditional remit, into the realms of customer experience, data strategy and change management across the business.

What role will a CMO play in a blue chip company? How will the marketing function change within the technology sector in 2019? What are the emerging trends that will gain prominence, especially within the technology space? To answer some of these pertinent questions, we spoke to an eclectic set of 11 marketing leaders from the tech industry across the globe. Here are their insights into the future of tech and marketing in 2019.

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