There I said it. A thought that must be on many of your minds.

There’s no straight answer – it just depends.

First of all, use the marketing channels to reassure your stakeholders. Secondly, if there is the possibility of doing good, do that, for your employees, for your suppliers, for the larger community. Third – and it’s third on my list of priorities – work on surviving and thriving. And here’s where it all depends on what you do and whom you sell to. If you are a category that is either not impacted or in major demand, you of course must work as usual or harder. If you are in a category that is negatively impacted see how you can help your organization with survival. And frame offers that are relevant to the current needs. But whichever category you are in do not run pleading campaigns that are sure to fall on deaf ears.

In today’s newsletter I am including two articles – one by me on the 3Cs of Coronavirus Marketing and another from Neeraj Sancheti of Kreativ Street. Both may help you to consolidate your thoughts.

And while it is natural to first ensure the safety of your family and friends, spare a thought for those who have no Plan B, no savings, no cushion for surviving 21 days without an income. I liked this initiative from Zomato.

I’ve been using this unusual time to watch The Good Place on Netflix as a family. And to concentrate my efforts on completing my book on No Money Marketing.

Off topic, for those of you with kids who march to a different beat, here’s a UNESCO-Kidskintha conference that sounds like it has amazing content.

Wishing you all peace and good health.


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