Interview with Sushma Rajagopalan, Global Head of Strategy & Corporate Development at L&T Infotech

 PW: As a marketer what would you say are your current priorities?

SR: Brand creation, propagation & sustenance and lead generation remain the top two KRAs for most marketing departments and we are no exception. Strategies to achieve this include Client Data Management & Analytics; and Social Media Marketing. The emphasis on using technology as a tool to market is among the top priorities.

 PW: At L&T Infotech, how has technology played a role in customer acquisition or retention?

SR: The number of web leads has increased dramatically in the last 2 years and what is interesting is that the accelerated rate of conversion of these leads. While the role of technology in client acquisition has been remarkable and noticeable, I will not underplay the importance of it in retention. Technology plays a key role in non-intrusively communicating with the client..

PW: How has technology played a role in new product development, market expansion or other areas?

SR: At L&T Infotech, we use technology to launch new products and services and also to communicate effectively with the industry analysts and advisors. We leverage our website, electronic mailers and social media – tweets, among others to disseminate the relevant news to our stakeholders.

 PW: Do you have a separate budget for the IT component of marketing? And how aligned are the marketing and IT functions in the organization?

SR: Our marketing budget does include a dedicated manpower budget and some capital budget as it related to use of technology for marketing, specifically as it relates to social media, web and collaboration technologies. We rely on the MIS function and enterprise IT systems for data on clients.


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