Interview with Shashank Sinha – General Manager Marketing – Eureka Forbes

Shashank is the General Manager and Head marketing of Direct Sales at Eureka Forbes which is pioneer in the use of technology for lead management. Here is a quick Q&A with this marketing leader

PW: As a marketer what would you say are your current priorities?

SS: Modern marketers today are moving towards better use of technology in their marketing plans in order to drive business results. We at Eureka Forbes are growing our use of social media and digital communications. Customer Data Management to better engage with our customers and analytics to target our communication is another priority. Apart from that we are growing our e-commerce footprint and looking for more innovation in our product development. Another priority is linking supply chain to marketing initiatives for better alignment

PW: In your organization how has technology played a role in customer acquisition or retention?

SS: Being a direct marketing organisation, technology plays a crucial role for us in both acquiring new customers as well as retaining them. Our award winning model of lead management has been one of the first used by an Indian company.

PW: How has technology played a role in new product development, market expansion or other areas?

SS: As of now not really in terms of new product development, other than partnering with consumers to build new concepts that later are converted into products.

PW: Do you have a separate budget for the IT component of marketing? And how aligned are the marketing and IT functions in the organization?

SS: Not yet, but we earmark a portion of our Marketing budgets into new technologies where we see benefits coming.


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