Interview with Palash Nandy, Vice President- Marketing, Legrand (India) Pvt Ltd



PW: As a marketer what would you say are your current priorities?

PN: My current priorities are to take advantage of the growth opportunities that the India growth story provides. In order to be able to do that one of the key areas to work includes new product development, building Customer Data Management & Analytics systems and a more digital and social media led communication initiative with our consumers. Additionally, it is integral to ensure a healthy link between Supply Chain and Marketing Initiatives. These initiatives if executed well could positions our organization at the forefront in our Industry.


PW: At Legrand (India) Pvt Ltd, how has technology played a role in customer acquisition or retention?

PN: We use a CRM software called Activa which is used for analyzing existing customers and identify potential customers, This helps to identify focus areas to ensure customer retention and customer acquisition. Additionally, the marketing team works very closely with the commercial controller to identify the performance (volume,value, profitability etc) of our direct customers.


PW: How has technology played a role in new product development, market expansion or other areas?

PN: Our CRM alongwith market survey plays a significant role in product development, market expansion and competitive intelligence. We also use IT extensively to systimise the process of indenting, making and distribution of marcom tools and means. It is also used for proving technical information and training to the sales team. Over and above our digital and social media communication initiatives have helped us in targeted communication with our consumers.


PW: Do you have a separate budget for the IT component of marketing? And how aligned are the marketing and IT functions in the organization?

PN: We do not have a separate IT budget per se for Marketing. We decide on the process and initiatives required for fulfilling certain objectives and then decide the most effective way to execute them. This obviously means using technology at different levels for different tasks. This defines how much we would invest on technology / IT. It function in our organization acts like an enabler for all the other functions including Marketing. Hence, its obvious that marketing and IT are well aligned.


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