Interview with Kartik Jain – Executive Vice President & Head Marketing – HDFC Bank India


PW: What is your view on the importance of Technology for Marketers?

KJ: Our lives are becoming increasingly device led. Enabling technologies are empowering customers to play an active role in content consumption as well as content creation. Understanding this evolving technology interface where content meets customer is becoming crucial for marketers. In addition, the explosion of customer data and its promise of optimizing marketing spends further underlines the need for today’s marketers to have a technology edge.   Indeed at HDFC Bank the collaboration interaction between technology and marketing is a business imperative.

 PW: As a marketer what are your current priorities?

KJ: I’d have to say that Customer Data Management & Analytics and Social Media & Digital Communication are important priorities for us. The key is ensuring that these are aligned to business. Revamping the website – keeping it relevant and user friendly while enhancing it for e-commerce – would also be a current priority.

 PW: In your organization how has technology played a role in customer acquisition or retention?

KJ: HDFC Bank sends out 3,000 campaigns a year, supported by over 300 analytical models. We have also identified over 200 customer segmented behaviour triggers that are used to initiate customer interventions. We serve targeted messages to our customers across all points of contact including ATM and the internet. Efficient delivery and tracking of these campaigns at this scale has been made possible only through technology.

 PW: How has technology played a role in new product development, market expansion or other areas?

KJ: An example is the use of mobile technology. Our NetBanking on Mobile facility allows access to various banking transactions on the go. HDFC Bank’s Mobile Bank Account developed in partnership with Vodafone’s mPaisa provides banking services to the unbanked through the ubiquitous mobile phone.

PW: Do you have a separate budget for the IT component of marketing?

KJ:  Yes



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