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What made you choose to do what you do?
Digital Marketing and Transformation is a field that’s ever-changing and engaging; there’s always something new to learn and challenging. In this diverse and magnificent retail world, bringing digitization to offline stores is something I’m trying and creating. Guess this is what I always wanted to do.

Do you think India has more diverse workplaces today than when you started working?
Yes, very much. But however, when I started working companies had already started diversifying the roles and inclusivity was in play.

How do you bring your passion to work?
By positive thinking and challenging myself to be better every day and excelling in ROI in all the lineup projects. So it is important to look forward to a new day and new beginning every day.

What are your plans for the next 5 years?
To be a successful Marketer in Retail – Marrying Offline & Online together.

Growth vs Profitability – your thoughts?
Both are important for a marketer. Profitability and growth go hand-in-hand when it comes to success in business. Profit is key to basic financial survival as a corporate entity, while growth is key to profit and long-term success

Which startups do you admire?
CRED, Dunzo

2020s will be the decade of Delivering Digital Transformation

An app that has changed your life?
Ola/Uber/MeruCabs – Not changed but eased

What advice would you give to young women who have just started their careers?
Growth and comfort never co-exist. And if a job is not scary then it’s not worth doing it. If you wait around for the exact right opportunity, you might find yourself waiting around while your skills and experience go to waste. Find something you really care about and mix that with something you love doing.

Lipsa Satpathy

Lipsa Satpathy

Head – Digital Marketing & Transformation at Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd.


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