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Find out how Hero Motocorp and Reckitt Benckiser India benefit from Brandintelle

A. What is the added value that Brandintellé brings, compared to other tools in the market?

The problem that Brandintellé addresses is –

Management would be happy to know what’s going on in Marketing. Marketing would be happy if they had the data to share.

As a centralised marketing platform, Brandintellé addresses the problem of the real data gap by automating every arm & leg of marketing. With real-time automation comes real-time reporting dashboards – which gives marketers total control of all their marketing activities

We have experienced this first hand with our initial client Hero Motocorp Ltd. and then with big TV spender Reckitt Benckiser India coming onboard, we saw real savings because of Brandintellé’s superior TV monitoring & Deviation Reporting Module.

Another value addition Brandintellé brings is integration with allied, complementary service providers to give even more value to marketing departments. We started with deep integration with the SAP Finance Module for Hero Motocorpto achieve end-to-end process automation. And since many marketers see Outdoor marketing as a valuable medium we have started integrating with the 3rd party Radar Monitoring Service – which will provide marketers the assurance about their Outdoor investments. Next on the cards is integration with CRM, Lead Management & Sales Force Management Softwares.

In the background, Brandintellé continuously creates the base for a marketing database. This starts with aggregating all marketing and sales data, market research data, etc. into a central cluster for each client.

Just one example: Our automobile client did not have any set guidelines for marketing mix (ratio of different media, activation, BTL, etc.) So, their 25 odd sales offices applied individual marketing mix. After analysing the aggregated sales office spends data & sales offtake, we were able to get a clear idea on what marketing mix was likely to generate maximum sales. This led to a formulation of Marketing Mix Guidelines for the client.

As the next step, we bring Analytics to the Brandintelléplatform. With a data store of marketing spends data, sales data, research, viewership data, etc. available, Brandintellé platform uses predictive analysis to estimate market-wise sales, breakdown marketing spends by market & get marketing ROI by brand & market.

Finally, we use this data to help us to study the effect of marketing spends on the sales forecast.

B. What was the market need that prompted the creation of Brandintellé?

We have been actively working in the advertising & media industry for over 2 decades and had been observing the lack of process automation in marketing depts. With digital platforms, marketing teams woke up to software, apps, et al. But the process automation of the entire marketing team was never complete – at best, it was done in bits & pieces.

Clearly, today’s large marketing investments come with their inbuilt complexities – which are best managed with excellent process automation software. The year 2016-17 marked the launch of the new-gen Brandintellé platform with Central Marketing Module. Today, we have our Central Marketing Module & Regional Marketing Module, while we’re working on the Incentive Marketing Module.

C. What are the marketing pain points that Brandintellé addresses? 

The Brandintellé platform addresses multiple pain points of marketers, which are based on their following unfulfilled needs:

  • Need for real time control of marketing investments linked to budgets & annual
  • Need for real time control of plan KPIs vs deliveries (pre & post analysis)
  • Need for real time reporting dashboards & transparency
  • Need for a real time marketing database
  • Need for real time deep analysis of multiple databases
  • Need for near real time marketing analytics

D. How does using Brandintellé change behaviour in the marketing team?

Over the years, the Brandintellé platform digitally transforms marketing departments silently. While recording every single data point for every marketing campaign, Brandintellé also empowers decision-making & audit compliance with online marketing approvals, And it encourages brand team members to engage through digital conversation by linking business conversations with transactions. (All conversations, emails, chats & attachments related to a Media Plan is accessible along with the Plan.)

E. Please explain in 10 words what Brandintellé does

“The Art Of Reducing The Need For Marketing Course Corrections”

F. Who is Brandintellé designed for?

Brandintellé makes the most sense for large marketers who have an annual overall marketing budget of 300+ crores per annum. It targets almost all sectors like automobile, FMCG, CPG, retail, ecommerce, fashion …

G. How does Hero MotoCorp use Brandintellé? What are the benefits they have seen?

Hero currently uses Brandintellé to control its entire Central Marketing investments as well as its huge Regional Marketing efforts. We are currently designing an offering for analytics based on its marketing & sales data.

H. How does Reckitt Benckiser use Brandintellé?  What are the benefits they have seen?

Reckitt Benckiser on the other hand uses Brandintellé to control its humongous Television Marketing investments as well as Digital Marketing campaigns. As far as TV is concerned, we have brought considerable savings with our superior TV Monitoring & Deviation module. We are in the process of implementing our Annual Mktg/Media Planning Module in Reckitt.

We are currently designing an offering for analytics for sales projections, marketing ROI & spends forecasts.

I. What are the pricing models available? 

Brandintellé comes as a pure service with no capital investment. Since it comes along with most master data, it takes around 2 months to implement the platform.
Separate pricing is applied for Central, Regional & (upcoming) Incentive Modules. Pricing is dependent on no of users & type of ‘Managed Services’.

J. Can you share sample business benefits of using Brandintellé?

  1. Immediate savings due to tight process control & visibility
  2. Audit compliance
  3. Real time private Marketing Database
  4. Option to aggregate Sales & other data from multiple sources
  5. Option to get deep reporting (eg ROI)
  6. Option to get insights, based on analytics

K. What tools have built-in compatibility with Brandintellé?

  1. SAP Finance Module
  2. Radar OOH Monitoring System
  3. Leadsquared Salesforce Management System
  4. Retail

L. When did Brandintellé go live?

Brandintellé went live in 2016-17 with Hero MotoCorp.

M. Tell us about the creators, the founding team?

Biswajit Das, Founder & CEO, BrandintelléBiswajit Das, Founder & CEO, Brandintellé Services Private Limited

Biswajit Das is the Founder and CEO of Brandintellé Services Pvt ltd. Mr. Das comes with 25+ years of experience. After deploying automation software solutions for more than 1000 marketing entities, he felt the need of a platform rather than just a software that can resolve silos, bridge invisible gaps, record every single data point and bring efficiency in the workflow. A ‘drop-out’ from IIT Kharagpur, Biswajit completed his BSc (Phy/Math) from St Xavier’s, Mumbai, followed later, by a Post Graduate degree from National Centre for Software Technology. (In between, he cleared A.M.I.E. – Mechanical Engg& worked in implementing large engineering projects, followed by a stint in engineering design for a good ten years.)

Robin Das, Second Generation Promoter, Co-Founder, Brandintellé Services Private Limited

Robin Das, Second Generation Promoter, Co-Founder, Brandintellé Services Private Limited

Robin Das is the Co-Founder and CEO of Brandintellé Services Pvt ltd. A Mechanical Engineer with 5 years of experience in developing product solutions for marketing eco- system, Robin worked in Accenture in their data division, prior to Brandintellé. Currently, he is the Group Product Head and leads a full-stack product+tech team. He has developed a solid understanding of the marketing eco system requirements & provides tech solutions in connecting data from multiple sources, with real time flow of information.

N. How can one get a demo?

Brandintellé demo is a call/email away. Our team will conduct a live demo, sometimes even using client’s data directly. Just give us a call on +91 93267 90270 or email [email protected]


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