Paul Writer launches Innovative Marketer Dialogue ,
Video interview series with CMOs highlights marketing best practices

Abhijat Shukla
Head – Data Customer Lifecycle Management


One thing that will shape the future of marketing…

I would like to mention three big trends that I see. The first is, I see the world shifting towards real time marketing. There isn’t anything called as lifecycle anymore. I would say consumers and companies today are gravitating towards real time events and interventions, that’s one change that is happening. The second thing is a whole lot of marketing automation, it is not people specific or person specific, it is the series of automation efforts that the company basically does in its back end and it seamlessly integrates into customer events so marketing automation is the second big trend.

The third is loyalty, I see marketing shifting towards instant rewards, whichever behavior you want to embibe or induce to the consumers, the companies will be coming up with offsprings based on behavior and all of these will be executed in real time and these 3 trends that are redefining marketing.


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