I began my career programming on Silicon Graphics machines at Tata Elxsi. Michael Jackson’s Black or White music video was a “case study” back then. Fast forward to today, where I’ve just made my first Insta reel on a topic I hardly know about, in around 5 minutes, thanks to AI magic on Canva.

Maintaining Authenticity in a Tech-Driven World

Despite leveraging AI tools, the content remains mine. It reflects my perspective and vision, and I tweak it to ensure it does that. In a world where AI aids execution, maintaining a personal point of view is essential. A person who only executes will be subsumed by AI, or will have to learn to execute at scale, or specialise to become an artisan.

Mediocrity to Mastery: The AI Advantage

During my computer science engineering years I was never an exceptional programmer. Not in the league of the class genius, Kannan, who could produce results with 3 lines of C code that took me at least 100. And that’s when my code worked! That’s partly why I got out of programming and into marketing (if you want the other reason, write to me!).

Yet, AI has leveled the playing field. Mediocrity can now achieve adequacy with AI’s assistance, often surpassing brilliance in certain contexts.

For years we were told that phones would never replace the camera or music system, but for the vast majority the phone camera or audio is “good enough”.

Tyler Perry has put an $800mn studio investment on hold. He’s wise to wait and watch. Sure AI puts in an extra thumb or whatever for now, but already people have stopped talking about it. If the narrative is great, the video doesn’t have to be perfect.

The Rise of Customization and Its Implications

As AI proliferates, customization becomes the norm. From personalized content to tailored products and services, the era of mass customization is upon us. Even mundane tasks like meal choices become individualized, thanks to AI-driven platforms. So maybe there will be more jobs, catering to the ever growing long tail of demand. 

For example, custom phone cases, clothes, content, food are likely to be the norm. Already there are many households where thanks to food delivery each person can have a different meal. I love the freedom of being able to eat kothu paratha whenever I want to. All by myself.

AI in Boardrooms and Beyond

I’ve used AI to help me understand industry data. I am on the board of four organizations and these tools help me grasp industry developments much faster. With AI’s ability to process vast amounts of data, its integration into decision-making processes is inevitable. Abu Dhabi’s International Holding Company appointing an AI-enhanced observer to its board underscores this trend. Aiden is designed to “continuously process and instantly analyse decades of business data, financial information, market trends, and global economic indicators,”. Humans are still in charge. For now.

Navigating the AI Landscape

Despite its benefits, I do remember that there’s AI in Afraid. My investments are a black box to me.  As is the flight path of the plane. Or why some posts on LinkedIn do better than others.  With “AI assisted” scripts I don’t even know for sure if the humans writing to me read what they send.

Research shows that we humans like to know when AI is in charge. When consumers were told that an ad was AI generated there was a 96% jump in brand trust. AI is  new way of doing things. We’re ok if trusted brands tell us they’re using it. And new brands can earn our trust by telling us it isn’t personal – it’s just AI 🙂

The Intersection of Marketing and Trust

Marketing is always, always about trust. So the more the world changes the more things remain the same. Holds true for us, as individuals, too. We can use AI, as long as we’re trusted to use it wisely. That trust comes from our personal brand – a topic I am speaking about next week. Sign up for this online event hosted by Avixa if you’d like to join in!

Towards AI Transformation

I use AI for research, writing snippets, creating visuals. I also use it for finding the best way to a location, or to find a cab. I am therefore rather concerned that IT firms and their clients are still concerned only with digital transformation. Shouldn’t they now be looking at AI transformation?

We had a bit of a discussion on this topic on a poll I’m running on LinkedIn and the general sense is that many orgs aren’t ready.

Many individuals aren’t either.

The Perils of Relinquishing Control

In a world increasingly reliant on AI, delegating its use entirely to others poses risks. Just as printing emails for consumption seemed archaic in 2010, relinquishing AI control may prove perilous in 2024 and beyond. Unless you plan to retire in the next couple of years.

Come on play with AI!


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