Hakuhodo Percept’s new television commercial for the SONY Bravia TRILUMINOS™HD LED TV that went on air on October 11, 2015 is a celebration of colours of the festive season!

Every year, around the festive season, SONY Bravia a market leader in picture quality and technology releases a campaign full of fantasy to reemphasize that it is unquestionably the best. With so many magnificent colour stories already done globally, Sony Bravia too is in alignment with the global theme of fantastic colours and incredible pictures.

SONY’s Bravia TRILUMINOS™ Display series is about experiencing and enjoying the most advanced screen technologies which create a wider palette of rich natural colours, that are more authentic and vibrant than seen on conventional, white LED monitors. The TRILUMINOS™ Display satisfies the appetite of the new age consumer looking for cutting edge technology, where the blue isn’t just blue; it’s various shades of blue ranging from dark blue, emerald blue, navy blue, indigo and more. It is this luminous magical world of Bravia colours that has been brought alive through this new TVC.

Hakuhodo Percept’s new television commercial has been crafted on a beautiful concept and built around a childhood dream. This simple tale is based on one of nature’s most intriguing phenomenon – the cloud and a child’s innate desire to reach out and touch this floating, fluffy, cotton candy!  At some point most of us, including Bravia consumers, wondered about these tufts in the sky. Where do they come from? Why are they always black, grey or white? What would a sky full of colourful clouds look like? The TVC takes the viewer from a world of black and white clouds to one with colours – demonstrating how the power of colours transforms into the brightest, liveliest experience- a world synonymous to the Bravia TRILUMINOS™ Display.

The TVC shows three children on their way home when one of them spots a cloud emerging out of chimney and their curiosity leads them to a factory. Once they step inside, they are amazed to see that the entire factory is filled with grey clouds, all being made by a cloud-making machine.  Nervous about the darkness and bewildered by this grim grey world, one child fishes out some coloured candies and pours them into the machine. And then, it’s pure magic as the machine starts to churn out shinny blue, green, yellow and red clouds. The children’s’ excitement knows no bounds, and they run out of the factory and the multi-hued clouds rush out with them and the entire valley comes alive with this celebration of true-to-life colours as experienced on the SONY Bravia TRILUMINOS™HD LED TV.
According to Sabuj Sengupta, Executive Creative Director, Hakuhodo Percept, “This commercial continues the tradition of celebrating colours. This is our fourth in the series. To highlight this during festivals we always come up with a simple story of an imaginary world made more amazing and beautiful by the power of colours. The idea of cloud factory is new, magical and its colourful transformation achieves our objective of establishing a fantastical world of Bravia colours successfully.”
Speaking on the campaign Ryusuke Fukushima, Head, Marketing Communications, Sony India, said, “The TRILUMINOS™ Display is a technology exclusive to Bravia Television. It brightens up the colours and makes every shade shine distinctly. Hakuhodo Percept came up with an idea that successfully conveyed the benefit of this technology in a new and impactful way. It worked in tandem with our strategy and resulted in an effective brand communication”


Client: SONY India

Brand/Product: SONY Bravia TriluminosÔ HD LED TV

Agency: Hakuhodo Percept

COO: Elvis Sequeira

ECD: Sabuj Sen Gupta

Sr. VP: Saptarshi Sengupta

Copy Group Head:

ACD Copy: Tripti Kakkar

Account Director: Neha Gupta

Production House: Matchbox Films

Lyrics: Tripti Kakkar

Director: Marcus Lundin

Producer: Diksha/Sanjay Routray

To view TVC please click: Sony BRAVIA: Celebrate Every Colour


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