Microsoft Azure Architect Design Exam Preparation with Exam-Labs Practice Tests
Preparing for any certification test is not easy. There is so much to study and you still have to deal with other responsibilities such as job requirements. Due to this fact, many professionals have postponed earning the IT certificates.  Indeed, it is stressful to combine work responsibilities and exam preparation. However, it does not have to be a herculean task. With the right study strategy, time management skills, and appropriate resources, you can combine study and work and achieve success in your test at the first attempt. So, how do you get the most out of your Microsoft Exam-Labs AZ-304 exam preparation? First of all, let’s look at some important details regarding this test that you should know about. What Should You Know About Microsoft AZ-304? The Microsoft AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design test is aimed at the professionals looking to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certificate. This certification is for the individuals with expertise in the design and implementation of solutions running on Microsoft Azure. The potential candidates should be familiar with some concepts, such as identity, security, virtualization, networking, business continuity, disaster recovery, governance, data platform, and budgeting. Microsoft AZ-304is a 180-minute test covering 40-60 questions in various formats. The required pass mark is 70% of the total score. It is possible to take the exam in English, Korean, Japanese, or Simplified Chinese. However, the applicants must pay the fee of $165 to register for it on Pearson VUE. What Topics Are Covered in Microsoft AZ-304? This Microsoft test measures specific skills,so the candidates are required to demonstrate their competence and expertise in the topics covered in the exam. Microsoft AZ-304 covers five skill areas, and these are highlighted below:
  • Designing Monitoring (10-15%);
  • Designing Security & Identity (25-30%);
  • Designing Business Continuity (10-15%);
  • Designing Data Storage (15-20%);
  • Designing Infrastructure (25-30%).
Each topic has detailed subtopics that enumerate the components that should be studied during the preparation phase. The students can download the exam blueprint from the official website to review the details. How to Effectively Combine Study with Work Responsibilities? It is easier than it seems, so try the following:
  • Have a Clear Plan
You should not study sporadically. Have a plan on how to study and when followit. To have an effective blueprint, take time to review the exam topics and determine how long it will take you to prepare for them while working. Also, take cognizance of your work requirements and schedule. Based on this, develop a plan to include the breakdown of the study time and the timeframe for each of them. Ensure you stick to your schedule.
  • Use Straightforward Resources
If you are currently working, you are likely to have the practical experience required for this job. That is why it is recommended that you use more relevant exam dumps to gain the required competence and skills easier and faster. You may want to check for the prep resources that will help you.
  • Relax & Do Not Fret
Understandably, it can be overwhelming to study for an exam and focus on other things. However, you must relax. Do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure. If you have a busy work schedule, spread your study plan thinly to give you time to do your work and still have time to breathe. If it means spending three months to prepare, then do it. Conclusion You can obtain your certification if you put your mind to it, irrespective of your work commitment. All you have to do is have a clear plan on how you want to go about it and stick to it in a responsible way.


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