In your own words, how do you describe a `hot’ brand?

A hot brand is a brand that has thought leadership, stays relevant through times, and delights its TG in new innovative ways.

What can be few steps taken by brand owners to keep their brand stay top in their customers’ mind?

Build on a consistent positioning. Keep that positioning differentiated and engaging. Keep up the conversations.

Realizing the future of 1-to-1 communication: Targeted Advertising is Smart Marketing?

Depends on the category/product/brand. If it’s a mass product, it will still need mass advertising.

New Rules of Engagement: Changing Expectations of Brand+Customer Interactions, your view vis-a-vis your own brand?

Nobody has the time to consume heavy content, heavy brands, heavy thoughts. Keep it simple, snacky, and engaging.

Any brand experience recently that wowed you?

The last time I got truly wowed was with Apple, almost a decade back when I upgraded to an ibook for the first time. Now, if not wowed, I have always had a pleasant experience with Indigo airlines: their proposition, positioning, brand experience, is so well integrated.

Profile: Debarpita Banerjee is the Vice President- Marketing and communication and is responsible for all marketing and communication initiatives of bouquet of channels under FOX International in India. Her role involves strategizing to strengthen the existing brands in the Indian subcontinent which includes National Geographic, FOX Life, Baby TV, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Adventure, Nat Geo Music and and the HD bouquet.
Debarpita has over 17 years of experience in communication and brand development, having spent 14 years across leading advertising agencies like BBDO, Leo Burnett and JWT.

Debarpita is a literature graduate from St Xavier’s College, Kolkata and a post graduate in mass communication from Clarion College of Communication.

Debarpita Banerjee is also a part of the jury at Paul Writer’s Futurist Marketing Conclave.


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