MVS Murthy
Co-Founder & COO
WorkApps Inc

Trigger that led to your entrepreneurial journey

The overall environment – access to monetary as well as intellectual capital, in the country is most conducive to take a shot at going solo as they say. I just thought that if I couldn’t take a plunge now then it will never be. Also, a lot of my colleagues, seniors had been pointing to my ability to think laterally, strategically and creatively and that this mindset was tuned into getting started on my own. Being an entrepreneur also gave me an ability to see the whole rather than some aspects we get exposed to as employees in an organization and that too on a need to know basis. Hence, our contributions get restricted to that extent – we can’t swing the bat as much as one would want to.

Sustaining Brand Image

Keep doing what you are good at and get better at it. Deliver what your Customers and Partners expect. Anticipate and iterate on things you feel will keep your brand relevant. For instance voice over text and video over voice and BOTs for the everyday stuff– is the way WorkApps Inc. is morphing itself.

Things you do to keep your brand relevant

Stay connected to the emerging markets, customers and trends. Deliberately indulge in annual spring cleaning and junk all that is tried and tested. Much as you refresh your business targets, refresh your brand. Don’t succumb to the temptation of saying “ lets use the same template”. Just don’t.

What does it take to be at the top?

Being out with your Customers, innovating basis your learnings, co-creating not only with your Customers but also with your competition and partners. Lyft & GM could have become a slugfest till one invested in the other and look at the way they are redefining the automobile market. This partnership also holds itself as an example to the previous 2 questions.

What counts that people don’t bother counting before becoming an entrepreneur

  • A well developed product – extremely crucial to have one which has been prototyped,
  • The market you want to operate in. We live in a porus world where the word percolates across the globe due to the web. Hence, the appetite to have a global footprint.
  • Phone numbers in your handset, on which you can call and expect to be heard not because its you BUT it’s the value your enterprise brings in to your erstwhile relationships. The number of such “ angel prospects” will be your tail-wind for a smooth lift-off or take-off.

High Tech to High touch

I would say that being high touch is good enough, tech is the very DNA of anything that you want to do. Even if you are a FMCG company, you can use embedded tech in your containers to track where the goods have reached. A smart jacket or bracelet can also act as a payment mechanism. All high touch with an interestingly wired or stitched technology. Tech should be natural, touch should be a conscious choice.


MVS Murthy is Co-Founder & COO at WorkApps Inc. He was previously the VP Marketing, TATA AIG. His expertise lies in BFSI product strategy, innovation and marketing. He has experience in Advertising, Interactive Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inorganic Product Development, Portfolio Management and Loyalty Marketing.


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