Deepak Sakhuja & Payal Sakhuja
Ripple Links

Trigger that led to your entrepreneurial journey

We had always wanted to start up on our own, create a new standard and then, beat it. We always strive to be a step ahead and this has fashioned our journey as entrepreneur’s.

Sustaining Brand Image

Client servicing and consistency- this is what sets Ripple Links apart. We were able to find our strengths, focus on them and they have become our pillars of growth. As we have evolved, we have emphasized the pillars of our growth – Quality, Timeliness, a Pro-active attitude. With this base we have built a happy clientele and around 60% of our new business comes through references.

We have worked with the world’s largest FMCG, BFSI, Mobile, e-commerce brands along with the best start-ups. These startups have gone on to become part of the world’s largest tech companies and our network of clients have grown with them.

Things you do to keep your brand relevant

We live in the age of Social Media – this gives us an opportunity to be connected with people who matter. The opportunities to showcase our latest works, where we stand out and our growth has been made so easy.

Our team works around the clock to proactively reach out and connect to primary stakeholders. How we solve their problems and our dedication to finding solutions is a big reason that helps us stay relevant and find new pastures every day.

What does it take to be at the top?

Upgrade. Never say NO. Solve customer problems.

Our objectives has always been to win stakeholders trust and then build on a solid relationship. This is not something difficult to achieve, but you need to be consistent. We live in a borderless age, that presents the opportunity for “Co-opetition” (co-operative competition) and if you find the right partner don’t shy away from the opportunity if it helps solve a larger, more knotty problem.

Each day, customers throw up difficult challenges and the teams who take those challenges and face them head on are usually the ones who reach the top and are able to stay there.

What counts that people don’t bother counting before becoming an entrepreneur?

Lean Investment. Start lean, invest right is my business mantra, and this is where I have seen many businesses going through a rough phase after starting. Entrepreneur’s need not shy away from investing in the right resources but no harm not having a swanky office J

Other thing to bother is “falling in love with your idea” and not being open to any negative feedback / inputs. We few are open to hearing this and make course corrections early on – these are usually the one’s to succeed.

Finally the client’s are your best of friends – they throw the most difficult questions but also work closely to help solve those. Bother to build relationships and not transactions.

How does a company succeed in being high tech and high touch?

People do business with People. Though technology might rapidly transform, finally the relationships you build and the people you work with are the key to success. From attending networking and other industry events to being update and engaged through various social media will enable one to be successful.


Payal and Deepak Sakhuja founded Ripple Links, a digital marketing agency in Bangalore in 2009. As pioneers in the field, Ripple Links has grown into being one of India’s largest influencer marketing agencies while offering services in Content and Social Media Marketing. The agency enables several F-1000 companies build their online presence and find innovative ways to leverage influencer engagement in their marketing-mix. The venture has worked with brands like Intuit, Cafe Coffee Day, ASUS, Tanishq, Asian Paints, P&G, to name a few.

Payal focuses on strategic planning and operations at Ripple Links. She works in a primarily collaborative approach with clients to reach and exceed their business goals. Deepak drives the company’s growth trajectory while identifying and exploring the vertical integration opportunities.


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