Digital Marketing Trends 2018
Marketing Trends 2018

Digital marketing trends are changing like never before. The modern marketer needs to be agile. In order to survive the marketing jungle, he/she must be the fittest of them all. Digital marketing is gradually becoming a major part of every marketer’s budget. We at Paul Writer did some research and shortlisted 5 digital marketing trends for 2018.

Digital Marketing Trends: Video Marketing Concept
Video Marketing Concept

Video Marketing: Video marketing is beyond the status of an “up and coming tactic”. It is here and it is capturing the imagination of marketers and customers alike. In today’s fast-paced world, customers have less and less time. A three-minute video can tell a story better than a story of 500 words. It also shows in the fact that 43% customers prefer to watch video content from marketers and that 51.9% of marketers claim that video content gives better ROI.

Digital Marketing Trends: Authentication Concept
Authentication Concept

Be Authentic: Customers today want their brands to make them feel unique. Innovative marketing techniques are the need of the hour. A brand should be relatable, it should appeal to the emotions of the customer as well as be friendly to his/her pocket. Personalization is the next step to creating unique customer experience as well as differentiating your brand from all others. Face to face interactions with your customer is also a great way of garnering customer loyalty. Inviting some key customers to brand conclaves is a great way to integrate the customer into the brand.

Digital Marketing Trends: Social Media Concept
Social Media Concept

Social Media: Facebook is one of the greatest tools a marketer has access too. It delivers mass outreach and better results. Social media is the best way to market your brand’s content. While B2B businesses may claim that they have received better ROI from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some of the best ways to reach to larger masses for B2C businesses. Investing in your social media brand-boosting strategies may give your brand that edge required to stay ahead of your competitors.

Digital Marketing Trends: AI Concept
AI Concept

AI/Chatbots: From being the talk of the future, AI has now permeated the very fabric of our lives. With time, AI would be a major part of our lives. Nearly every major brand as a chatbot of their own, these bots text you, are efficient and easy to understand. AI is already transforming businesses. If used correctly, it can predict the customer’s expectations, offer seamless online and offline experience and act as an efficient troubleshooter. The question today has moved from “why AI?” to “How/What AI to implement and when?”

Digital Marketing Trends: Voice Search Concept
Voice Search Concept

Voice Search: In 2016, Google revealed that 20% of its users used voice search to look for content. Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Okay Google, Google Home are conversational tools that are efficient. Apple has gone one step ahead to give Siri a character and voice of her own. Memes have filled the internet with witty replies from Siri. This makes interacting with the virtual assistant a fun and seemingly more humane experience for the customer. Google also predicted that it expects the use of voice search to rise to 50% by 2020. Therefore, it is high time marketers start paying attention to voice assistants.


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