According to a Forrester research report, websites drive engagements the most, with events and tradeshows taking second place. With the advent of technology, the full potential of events can be mined by companies.

Paul Writer and Cvent co-hosted a webinar ‘Uncovering the Power of Live Events’ recently that discussed how to make the best use of the technology at hand to enhance the impact of events, both online and offline.

Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer introduced the topic and speaker, Gokul Bajaj, Head of Sales and Partnership at Cvent. Speaking about live events, Jessie talks about the enthusiasm and energy during events. How do you capture the same emotions for an online live event?

Gokul started by highlighting the difference in events held twenty years ago, and how it works nowadays. Technology, Gokul says, is a powerful tool that can help greatly in increasing the value of your events. Digitizing your offline engagements is one of the ways to do this.

Source: Snapshot from Cvent Deck

When it comes to your attendees, it is essential to focus on what would make the event a good experience for them. Knowing their names, a smooth registration process, enhancing their networking experience by capturing their preferences and providing them the information they want will increase attendee engagement. Using RFID tracking, session scanning, online engagement like live polls, online Q&A sessions and surveys etc are ways in which to interact with your attendees and map out the entire attendee journey. This will also help in solving the problem of the ‘ghost attendee’, the ones who come and go, quiet as a mouse without you being able to tell what they contributed or took away from your event.

As for ROI, you can employ the usual suspects: printing their logo, using it on your collaterals etc. But with technology, you can quantify your partner’s investments by providing the metrics of your event, deliver digital business cards that can be converted into leads.

Events are the best way to broaden your network and build professional relationships, and with the aid of technology the path has never been easier.

For the full webinar recording and deck, register here


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