Customer Experience 5 Tips for Launching Your Online Shop

Customers today have seemingly endless options for buying items or services online. With increasingly shorter attention spans and patience levels, your online shop needs to be effective and attractive.

Keep customers engaged with an enjoyable experience that is pleasant and easy from start to finish. There are five essential things that your online business can do to ensure that the experience it offers is world-class. Be everything your customers need, at the touch of a button, by following these tips below:

  1. Navigation

Most customers who shop online expect a quick and simple online transaction. Over seventy-five percent of customers surveyed in the last two years said they were willing to spend more to buy from an online retailer that offered a good customer experience.

Your company needs to offer a smooth, easy-to-use website or shop that makes them want to keep coming back to order more. Keep your website optimized for both desktop and mobile use and ensure that your load time is kept to a few seconds or less. Your biggest threat isn’t a competitor, it’s the close button.

  1. Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel support is just as important as branding is to your online business.

Gone are the days of having one channel to contact support staff on. Modern customers expect faster response times and their choice of communication method. Ensure that your online business has at least three methods of communication; a call option, an email, and an inbox option for social media.

That will ensure that every age group is covered, with the older generations preferring to call or email, and the younger folks preferring a chat or messaging option. Your customers will expect your business to be adaptable to new and emerging channels, your job is to ensure that you can readily meet those expectations.

  1. Quick Delivery

Always offer more than one delivery option. Some of your customers will be in a hurry to receive their purchase, while others will be willing to wait if they get to pay less. Make sure that you can accommodate the needs of both by using

Offer a way for your customers to track their parcels; that will reduce the number of queries your agents need to deal with and keep your customers feeling like they are in control.

  1. Caring Representatives

Without caring representatives who invest themselves in their customers and, more specifically, their orders, your customer experience department is all but guaranteed to fail. Frustrated and annoyed customers can be tricky to deal with, especially if they have not had great experiences in the past.

Your team’s job is to calm them down in a way that doesn’t seem patronizing – which is harder than you might think. Hire experienced customer care representatives; they understand the needs and expectations of customers.

This step is crucial if you’re in the luxury market. Wealthier customers have higher expectations from the start and will not appreciate it if you do not meet and exceed them.

  1. Fast Replies

As your business grows, you’ll notice that more and more customers opt for email or chat communication. Most customers expect a speedy response – the standard response time to aim for is twelve hours or less for email and under three hours for social media.

When you incorporate a chat box into your website, those expectations grow even more. For chat box responses, the ideal time to receive a response is within fifteen minutes. Responding to your customers promptly shows that you appreciate them and value their time and their business – and we all know that a happy customer is returning customer.


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