Subhrangshu Neogi, Director – Marketing & Brand, Religare Enterprises Ltd. talks about two ingredients for successful brand.

Two successful ingredients for any brand will be:

  • Contextually relevant &
  •  To be absolutely distinctively in terms of what it offers as value proposition in market place.

Brands need to be relevant today as consumers are expecting you to be relevant, consumers are expecting you to be different & consumers are expecting you to help them grow to the next level. As a brand you are playing catch up but how smartly are you playing catch up compared to your competition is what really matters. If you had the core essence which is say relevant one year back that need not mean that the core essence still remains the same because you need to adapt yourself, need to change yourself & we have to keep reinventing the wheel from time to time in order to be relevant & top of the mind in the eyes of consumer.


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