Founded in 2015, Lithium is a B2B organization that is India’s first zero emission transport service. Lithium’s electric cars are used by corporate companies like TESCO, UNISYS, Accenture and Adobe.

With global warming on the rise and hydrocarbons dwindling, sustainable transportation is the need of the hour. Combining that idea with public transportation, Lithium cabs are eco-friendly as they do not run on diesel or petrol, and therefore avoid carbon emissions. They are also cheaper and faster, which is what Sanjay Krishnan states is their selling factor. “We only sold assurance that service level will be met…safety, security and compliance will be met. Green is a byproduct.”

“Lithium contributes the eco-equivalent of 9 Cubbon Parks to Bangalore”

Electric vehicles are a viable and much better option than people realize. Proving that it’s a viable option is one of the motivating factors that led to the genesis of Lithium. If Lithium is growing, Sanjay says, it is only because of the clients. “We’ve provided a medium, an option to be eco-friendly but it is up to the client to choose that. The ones who stuck out their neck to say ‘yeh accha hai’ (this is good) are the ones who should be commended. We have not achieved it, the clients have. We’ve been a medium, given them a way to achieve it and together, we’ve contributed maybe the eco-equivalent of 9 Cubbon Parks to Bangalore.”

“Execution is your best marketing engine”

When it comes to marketing strategies, Lithium relies mostly on word-of-mouth and customer feedback is one of the factors they rely on to guarantee this happens. Lithium, not just obtains customer feedback but also values driver feedback. They have a driver management team that handles the concerns of their licensed drivers, and ensures that both sides of the story are heard in the case of disagreements or complaints. “We work very hard to ensure that everything we promise, every process is checked and done. Execution has to match the promise. You must only promise what you can deliver. And the promise must be much higher than what the market gives.  Then you have to work like hell to deliver it. I think that’s all there is… execution is your best marketing engine.”

While Lithium is an eco-friendly initiative, they prefer to focus on the other aspects that make it a worthwhile option. “One of the things we did not want to be, when we started out, was a cliché. We wanted to provide a better option for public transport, better in terms of time and cost. Being able to clean the eco-system, quite literally, is a bonus we fully appreciate.”

Lithium is growing steadily in Bangalore, and the company envisions going national and then international. For now their focus is to raise the bar and work towards delivering more every day.




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