If you’ve ever wanted to buy a house, an apartment or a villa, you might have stumbled upon commonFloor.com, the property portal dedicated to apartments and gated communities. The venture owes its genesis to a bunch of IIT techies who started their operations in an empty garage in the year 2007!

CommonFloor.com has come out with a creative campaign last week which has been generating a lot of buzz. They’ve recently launched their first ever comedy video, starring Doorknob Goswami, Khujiwal and Chalu Yadav in the show called ‘Frankly Screaming’ in the spoof of Arnab Goswami’s ‘Frankly Speaking’. Here’s an exclusive interview with Vinayak Warke, VP- Marketing, CommonFloor.com, who talks to Neha Nagpal of Paul Writer on this campaign.

What is the reason behind this comedy spoof?

The primary objective of the video was to create visibility for the sheer range of solutions CommonFloor.com offers the average property seeker. The video showcases diverse requirements. Some are so specific that they are downright hilarious. Despite the requirement being extremely specific in nature, CommonFloor.com is able to fulfill nearly all of them. The video showcases precisely this in a hilarious manner thereby ensuring recall.

Creating spoofs is a great way to draw attention to the property portal and more importantly, to the brand itself. How did you come up with this idea?

Finding a dream house is relevant to everyone, whether a common man or a celebrity. We felt that giving our spoof a celebrity angle was a good way of drawing attention to the problem of housing crisis in India. Besides, a comedy spoof helps in engaging and communicating with the audience and ensuring the message is delivered. Also comedy as a genre works well on a viral medium like YouTube.

How has the response been so far?

The response has been great. Within first few days of launch of the comedy video, we received over 11000 views and we expect this to increase significantly. We have also received very good feedback pertaining to the video from many. We are expecting it reaches out to the larger audience and people remember it.

How important do you think it is for brands to be involved in creative forms of engaging customers to enhance brand image?

I think it is very important in today’s day and age where brands fight for the target audience’s attention span in a cluttered environment. Using innovative and engaging forms of creative helps address this and simultaneously delivers the brand proposition as well.

Doorknob Goswami, Kujiwal and Chalu Yadav, three popular and controversial characters. Was there a particular reason you picked the three characters for the spoof?

The main reason for selection of all three characters was the fact that they are popular and very talked about. Further we were looking for such characters that were trending and already had an audience.

Will you be doing more video spoofs? Will it now be a trend that you are going to follow?

Well we will definitely think of doing more based on the success of this one.

What other creative ways are you involved in to market commonfloor.com?

We endeavor to look at various initiatives that are innovative and effective to market CommonFloor.com. Along with traditional and conventional channels we also focus on the digital and social space to engage with our target audience. We shall keep looking at this space for a lot more exciting initiatives.


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