We’ve got you a scoop on one man who knows what marketing is all about in the leisure and entertainment business. Arun has been actively involved in the day to day operations and management of Wonderla Holidays Limited since 2003. He has over 10 years of experience in the amusement park industry. He is involved in the conceptualizing and design of amusement parks and also actively involved in technical and marketing functions of Wonderla Holidays. In this series of ‘Chai Break’ we talk to Arun Kochouseph Chittilappilly, the Managing Director of Wonderla Holidays Limited

What makes a good marketer?

It’s got to be someone who is thorough and does good research into what people really want from a product or service. Good domain knowledge, and perseverance come next. A charming and confident demeanour comes next as marketing is also about the personality in some sense.

 3 things you look for when you hire people?

I try and see how that person will fit into our organisation and whether he can adapt into our culture. The right attitude comes next. Being the top of the heap in terms of skill and knowledge comes last but not least.

 Your favorite destination for business trips?

I usually travel to the US and Europe for amusement park related expos and manufacturer visits.

 Your favorite book?

Evangelist marketing by Alex Goldfayn

 3 things you would never do a meeting without?

My iPad, my green tea and and a smile.

When did you decide that Marketing is what you wanted to do?

The moment I decided I would be starting a new company. You can’t have a company without marketing of some sort.

Your favorite professional you follow on Twitter?

Richard Branson

 Your most memorable advertisement?

Our current “bring on the madness video”

 Do you love data or hate data?

Love data


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