Vikesh Dhyani

Director Marketing & CDI

LexisNexis India-South Asia


What makes a good marketer?

A good marketer is one who is able to

a)      Decipher who his/her real customers are and their needs and aspirations

b)      Has the ability to structure a compelling value proposition story that appeals to hearts and minds of his/her customers

c)      Is able to deliver the expected return on marketing investment to his/her organization

d)      Has the ability to create and grow new markets by drawing patterns from seemingly unorganized facts and data and envisioning future opportunities

3 things you do to prepare for a meeting?

a)      Check the agenda of the meeting and expectations from my role

b)      Carry a notebook or my laptop for taking notes

c)      Put the phones on silent mode

3 things you look for when you hire a person?

a) Hunger, drive and passion to learn and succeed

b) His/her past achievements and what has he/she learned from them

c) Is he/she a good team player and can he/she fit in my organization

Where do you think Marketing is headed?

The future of Marketing is bright. With social media, big data, machine learning and advanced analytics, marketers have a stronger ability to understand their customers and converse with them directly. This will provide marketers several ideas and ongoing feedback for improving their existing products and services and developing new ones. Rise of social media in particular has enabled marketers to accelerate building direct connections with customers and highlighting real people as heroes or brand ambassadors for building stronger brand connect and trust in a cost effective way. Tools that help marketers track tonality of customers’ conversations about their brand, solutions and executives empower them to nip potential disasters in the bud by taking swift corrective action early.

What would you say to someone who aspires to be in marketing?

If you genuinely care for your customers, love interacting with them and are willing to make a positive difference to their lives – join in!

What are a few activities you do at your leisure?

I make and enjoy sipping my masala tea and am a weekend chef at home. During long weekends I prefer to drive down to the nearest jungles or hill stations with my family. All these activities are quite therapeutic and help me detach and reattach myself with my work with new perspectives.

Do you love/ hate data?

I studied Economics and hence I love data. However, I do not need to wait for the ‘perfect’ data and have developed an ability to take decisions and keep moving forward based on a mix of data

and customer feedback/insights. Sometimes data alone may not reveal the entire truth and hence it’s better to validate the same and use your wisdom.

One app that you cannot do without?

There are three: Google, WhatsApp and Facebook


Vikesh Dhyani is an experienced publishing, information and research solutions executive with over 18 years of leadership experience in Sales & Marketing with three of the world’s largest publishing, learning, research and information solutions companies namely McGraw-Hill Education, Pearson and RELX Group. He is the Director and Head of Marketing, Customer Discovery & Innovation functions at LexisNexis India-South Asia (a RELX group company – one of the world’s largest professional information solutions provider for Legal, Medical, Scientific & Technical Professionals and Academicians).


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