In this segment of ‘Chai Break’, we talk to Trigam Mukherjee, Founder and Managing Partner of The Prophets. The Prophets is a PR agency without its traditional boundaries.

Things to keep in mind when starting on your own

It is important to understand the business insights of the industry that you want to be in. When I started on my own, The Red book of Tech PR that was published in this very website, helped me immensely to understand what I am getting into and how I could build a strong differentiator. It is also important to be realistic in setting goals and timelines. That way, you will stay motivated with small successes which will inspire you to go the extra mile in each subsequent assignment. Being in PR this helps in creating client delight as well.

3 things you look for when you hire people?

Getting the right talent in PR can be difficult. But I look for people who have strong integrity and the willingness to learn. On top of that If you find someone who is willing to take ownership of assignments-you have found yourself a gem! So

1.    Integrity

2.    Willing to learn

3.    Willing to take ownership

Your favourite book?

Well I don’t get to read much but I am currently reading Elon Musk-Lessons in Life and Business. I also find time to read the bible which is very comforting.

Things would never do a meeting without? 

Thanks to social media, you can find out a lot about the person you are meeting even before the meeting. So use social media to know the person, understand his interests and experience. Business card and a notebook are a must too.

One app that you cannot do without at work

Twitter, LinkedIn and Inshorts, in my area of work it is important to be aware of what happening around you and quick access to news and media intelligence.

Profile: Trigam Mukherjee is the founder and managing partner of The Prophets. The Prophets is a PR agency without its traditional boundries. Before he turned entrepreneur himself, he has had a wide and rich experience working for top companies, brands and agencies. He was heading Marketing and Communications at Radio Indigo 91.9 FM and the Corporate Communications lead for Jupiter Entertainment Ventures.


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