Sowmya Moni

Marketing Director

Unisys Corporation

What makes a good marketer?

In my mind, good marketers are those who see creative opportunity in everything, no matter how big or small. We may have the best plans and strategies in place, but I’m sure, my colleagues in the marketing fraternity would agree, opportunities and threats often come together, so the ability to embrace uncertainty and calibrate the plans as needed, is vital skill for marketers to have. I also think, it is now more important than ever for marketers to start using data for measuring return on marketing investment, so aptitude for data and analytics is going to help them build value for the brands they work for.

How does one sustain their brand image?

Brand image is sustainable when it is true to the core values and evokes the same recognition and feeling across all touchpoints. So, whether it’s the website, packaging, marketing collateral, social media, advertorial, or anywhere else, it should be consistent. When the brand does something unexpected or disruptive, it is more likely to have an impact – and one that lasts. Google, Netflix, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft are examples of global iconic brands we interact with daily. Think about it, these have become part of our daily lingo – “google this”; friend/ imessage/Skype me”!  Closer home, I can think of Reliance, Tata, Dabur, SBI as sustainable brands with one thing in common – staying true to core values and relevant with changing times.

Where do you think Marketing is headed?

Digital age can be exceedingly overwhelming and confusing if marketers cling to the traditional marketing, remember 4Ps (Product, Place, Price, Promotion)? In the not so distant future, marketers will be sought for their knowledge of marketing technology, as much as they are sought for their knowledge of marketing. Marketing success will be data driven – delivering the right product at the right place with the right price and using the right way to promote! The “right” prefix will be driven by insights from the conversations that customers will have directly with the brands.

Do social media channels really help marketers?

YES! I view social media as a potent channel to communicate an offering to its intended target audience. There is tremendous potential in this channel, provided marketers use it effectively. Every opportunity to syndicate content using social media, will directly influence the brand’s share of voice and credibility. It allows marketers to engage with their customers more than ever. We can now have one to one conversations through social media channels, and give our customers a more personalized experience in multiple way and with many devices.

A technology that you foresee as being useful to a marketer of the future?

Technology has always changed how marketing works. I read somewhere, we are in the marketing era 5.0, which is all about delivering an omnichannel customer experience. Marketing cloud technology (with open APIs) and rich customer data that companies have today due to proliferation of use of available channels, will give marketers the insights for brands to deliver highly relevant personalized experiences across every touchpoint.

Profile: Sowmya Moni is Marketing Director at Unisys Corporation. She has been a marketer in the IT sector for 17 years now where she’s had the pleasure to work with some amazing professionals throughout her career. She’s an active PMI global volunteer, CMO Council Member, and advocate for Gender Inclusivity in the Workplace. In her spare time, she loves to explore new and exciting destinations and is slowly and steadily practicing and advocating – Living Life the Organic Way! You can catch her on Twitter at @sowmyamoni



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