Manmeet Vohra

Director Marketing & Category

Tata Starbucks

Where do you think Marketing is headed in 2017?

The power of digital media and social networks is something all businesses must accept, understand and embrace. One would observe that it is essential to have a two-way communication with your customer. Passive or one sided communication will not help you build lasting emotional connections with your customer. The new age millennials are a huge part of any customer base and this customer is always on the move and constantly evolving. The seismic shifts in how people are connecting using digital communication has heightened the need for more constant, interactive dialogue. Because of the sea change in consumer behaviour, the challenge for any company is to continually create relevant customer experiences online while staying true to the company’s values and historic brand promise.

What would you say to someone who aspires to be in marketing?

Always have your finger on the pulse of your present and potential customers. When products are similar, it is the emotional connection that makes a brand. Think ahead of time by putting yourself in their shoes. Anticipation is key.

Essentials for a business meeting?

Always ensure the agenda for a meeting is clear before you setup a meeting. Starting and ending on time is very important as it shows respect for each other’s time. Set expectations early on, however, be open to thoughts and ideas of others. And eye on the end objective is important to steer the meeting in the right direction.

What are a few activities you do at your leisure?

I love to travel because it gives a sense of adventure and freedom – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am also an ardent follower of Formula One and I enjoy reading a wide variety of books. And ofcourse, I like to catch up with friends over a nice meal out or just at each other’s homes over a glass of wine.

What is your power dressing mantra?

Earlier it used to be well fitted Shirts with trousers or skirt and jacket, but for the last couple of years, I have moved more towards ‘desk to dinner’ approach with formal dresses or skirts with well fitted tops. Whatever I choose to wear on a particular day depends a lot on my mood and on days I am not feeling the brightest, I tend to dress up a notch more to lift my mood! As Regina Brett said, “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.”

Your everyday guide to stay fit & healthy?

Beyond work hours, my daily priorities include making a conscious effort towards well-being of my mind, body and soul. We get so busy in our day, that most people are not even aware and conscious of their own breathing. It’s deeply essential to be in touch with your inner self and stay centered and present. I make it a point to take out time for my daily meditation as well as reading something for mental and spiritual nourishment before going to bed. And of course, I try to supplement this with time for gym or yoga thrice a week.

One app that you cannot do without?

Or rather one app that I know I will not be able to do without, is the Starbucks India mobile app launching soon! Having access to my Starbucks account and pay easily for my daily coffee through the app would be quite an addictive benefit!

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