Chai Break with Vishwa Prathap Desu, Brigade Enterprises Ltd

We’ve got a sneak peak on the man who’s responsible for the marketing success of Brigade enterprises. He is  the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of one of Bangalore’s leading property developers, Brigade Enterprises.

What makes a good marketer?

A good marketer is one who is able to read the pulse of the consumer and able to cater to the same. He/she should be able to understand the demand or need of the consumer and ensure the product being offered matches the same.

3 things you look for when you hire people?

– Attitude towards work and willingness to learn

– Capability to think out of the box

– Good communication skills

Your favorite destination for business trips?

In India it’s Mumbai and abroad it’s definitely Singapore

Your favorite book?

My favourite book is “ The Leader who had no Title” by Robin Sharma.

3 things would never do a meeting without?

– A clear Agenda and a fixed time slot

– My note pad/diary

– A strong Coffee

When did you decide that Marketing is what you wanted to do?

When I was studying management and did my summer Internship for a fruit drink brand

Your favorite professional you follow on Twitter?

Paulo Coelho and Anuj Puri (Well known Real Estate professional)

Your most memorable advertisement ?

One of our own ads which we carried out in 2012. It was a play on the “End of the World” perfectly timed because of the speculations of the end of the world in 2012. So, the ad said  “End of living in a rented apt, End of searching for the perfect office space…” This was well noticed and we had a great response.

Do you love data or hate data?

I love data and I feel it is very essential for a marketer to have access to the right data. In fact, as a way forward, without the right data, a marketer would not be able to take the right decisions.

What are your marketing priorities for the year 2014/2015?

As we head into the new Financial Year with larger targets amidst more competition and unfriendly economic environment, the marketing approach will have to be out of the box and more penetrative. Also, my priority would be to increase my marketing pie in the digital marketing and focused events space. It’s all about higher ROI.




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