Atul Garg



What makes a good marketer ?

  • Good understanding of the consumer
  • Works towards building a robust brand
  • Long term and short term perspective

3 things you look for when you hire people ?

  • Brand perspective
  • Consumer perspective
  • High turnaround time

Your favorite destination for business trip

  • India, Mumbai
  • Global New York

Your favorite book ?

  • Indulge in biographies and autobiographies

3 things would never do a meeting without ?

  • Meeting Objective
  • Relevant data

When did you decide that Marketing is what you wanted to do ?

  • Brand success story of the cosmetic company BodyShop founded by Anita Roddick was one of my motivations to get into marketing

Your most memorable advertisement that you still remember ?

  • The Cadbury Ad where the girl runs towards the stadium and dances to the “Kuch khaas hai hum sabhi mein” jingle. It was great to see a commercial concentrate on emotions while selling

Do you love data or hate data ?

  • I love data, but the final decisions are made on data analysis, earlier experiences and current market dynamics

One app that you cannot do without @work

  • Whatsapp for both work and personal purpose

What are your marketing priorities for the year 2016/2017 ?

  • Integrated brand view at online and offline space for Baggit, build a robust Ecomm Baggit brand and introduction of Best Practices across all the marketing activities


Mr. Atul Rohan Garg started his professional journey after attaining his post graduate degree in Business Management from MICA. A professional with work experience of more than a decade in the field of Brand Development, Sales & Marketing, Client Servicing,Business Development and Brand Consulting across various industries – Media, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Digital and Education. He is now heading the Marketing Department at bags and accessories brand, Baggit. He enjoys Sports, Social Work, Music Concerts and Reading.


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