Around the World in 3 Ads: Nike, Tide & Dove

Paul Writer is excited to introduce our showcase for international ads. Every fortnight, we’ll be looking at three interesting ads from around the world. For our very first segment, we’re reviewing ads from Nike, Tide, and Dove.

Nike- Shoe Therapy

Nike’s Shoe Therapy ad features famous athletes like Shalane Flanagan, Draymond Green, Deajah Stevens, Paul Rodriguez, Richard Sherman and Sean Wotherspoon, designer of Air Max 1/97. Starting off in a therapist’s room, we see Shalane narrating a dream where her shoes were stolen on the day of a marathon. In fact, what’s interesting is that Shalane did actually have a dream like this which gave rise to the campaign.

Shalane, however, is not the only one who seems obsessed with her shoes. A stream of athletes are seated in the waiting room. Each of them seemingly consumed by their love for their shoes. The fact that the therapist’s name is Dana Sole (played by actress Lena Waithe) only adds to the humor present in the ad.

Tide Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl commercials are a genre of their own in the U.S. According to Neilsen Ratings 2017, the broadcast of Super Bowl LI had around 111.3 million viewers. Featuring the Stranger Things actor David Harbour, the ad starts off as a car ad…but is it really? It goes on to reveal that in fact it’s a Tide ad. Why? Because the clothes are clean. Which brings them to the most important question, are all Super Bowl ads Tide ads? The ad ends with ‘if it’s clean, it’s got to be Tide’.

Dove- Choose Beautiful


This commercial went viral when it was released a few years ago. Challenging how society views us is hard, but challenging how we view ourselves is harder. Focusing on exactly that, Dove came up with an ad that studied how women viewed themselves. In fact, Dove has released many such ads that question stereotypes and societal expectations. However, unlike the other two ads where the product is apparent from the very beginning, Dove is not mentioned until the very end. Nevertheless, their brand’s attempts to break stereotypes seem to have gotten the attention of their audience.



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